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Stockholmsförsöket avslutades den 31 juli 2006. Aktuell information om trängselskatt finns på Vägverkets webbplats, www.vv.se/trangselskatt
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About the Stockholm Trials

Purpose of the trials
The primary objectives of the trials were to reduce congestion, increase accessibility and improve the environment. The purpose of the (full-scale) trials was to test whether the efficiency of the traffic system can be enhanced by congestion charges.

Secondary objectives of the trials

• Reduce traffic volumes on the busiest roads by 10-15%
• Improve the flow of traffic on streets and roads
• Reduce emissions of pollutants harmful to human health and of carbon dioxide
• Improve the urban environment as perceived by Stockholm residents
• Provide more resources for public transport

All costs payed by the government
All costs were payed by the national government. The budget for the trials was SEK 3,8 billion.

Extended public transport
Public transport was extended with 197 new buses and 16 new buslines. This provided an effective and fast alternative for travelling at peak hours from the municipalities surrounding Stockholm into the inner city.

Where possible existing bus-, underground- and commuter train lines were reinforced with additional departures.

More park-and-ride facilities
To facilitate travelling a large number of new park-and-ride facilities were built in the region. The present park-and-ride facilities were made more attractive.

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